Thomas Ball + Catherine Jennings

Thomas Ball ‎(I1513)‎
Christening 22 December 1783 Maker, Cornwall, England
Death 3 March 1828 ‎(Age 44)‎ died at sea
Thomas Ball ‎(I147)‎
Christening 23 April 1753 Veryan, Cornwall, England
Rachel Booth ‎(I1347)‎
Birth 5 October 1758 Maker, Cornwall, England
Burial 21 August 1808 ‎(on the date of death)‎


Thomas Cregoe Ball ‎(I441)‎
Christening 12 November 1807 Rame, Cornwall, England
Captain John Jennings Ball ‎(I482)‎
Birth Cawsand, Rame, Cornwall, England
Death 9 December 1891 ‎(Age 78)‎ 39 Aynhor Rd, Hammersmith, London, England

Family Group Information   (F194)
Marriage 13 October 1806

Globally unique Identifier CD37CA8D15EFD6118E7B906683C300008BF4